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Call Up the Right Members.

Call Up the Right Members. If you don't have the right members, you will not get anywhere. You can lose with good members, but you cannot win with bad ones.

Give Up your personal plan. Teams that win have members who continually ask themselves, What is the best for everyone? They frequently set aside their schedules for the good of the team. The motto needs to be that no one is more important than the rest of us.

Step Up to a Higher Level. A team can only move up to a higher level when members come together and give up their agendas. That's the kind of sacrifice required for collaboration.

Becoming a Better Team Member

What goal in your life is more significant than you are? If you're trying to accomplish something big, ask yourself what you are willing to do to achieve it. Are you ready to take a subordinate role if necessary for the team's good?

Becoming a Better Team Leader

Think about the team you are currently part of (preferably one with a big mission).

What kind of motivation do team members have regarding the big picture?

Are they team members who desire to do whatever it takes for the team to succeed? Or do they want to benefit only themselves?

Begin to foster a team-mindedness in others by modeling a willingness to serve the big picture rather than yourself. Then think about ways to help your teammates embrace the Big Picture. Motivate individuals by painting the big picture. Publicly honor team play. And give rewards to individuals who sacrifice for the good of the team.

The Niche

All Members Have Place Where They Add the Most Value

All members have a place where they add the most value to a team. Everyone benefits when you have the right team member in the right place.

Good things happen to a team when a member takes place where he adds the most value. Great things happen when all the members on the team take the role that maximizes their strengths—their talent, skill, and experience. That's the power of The Niche.

When People are In the Wrong Place

What happens to a team when one or more players constantly play out of their ideal position? First, morale erodes because the team isn't playing up to its full potential. Then individuals become resentful. The individuals working in an area of weakness resent that their best is untapped. And other people on the team who know that they could better fill an unsuitable position on the team resent their skills being overlooked. Before long, people are unwilling to work as a team. When people aren't where they do things well, things don't turn out well.

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