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Self-Defense for Beginners (Grades 7-12)

Course Description

Welcome to the Introduction to Self-Defense for Beginners, a pivotal course tailored for young individuals in grades 7 through 12. This program goes beyond traditional physical training, embarking on a journey to instill confidence, heightened awareness, and the acumen for making prudent choices in precarious situations. Throughout the semester, participants will be immersed in an array of activities designed to deepen their understanding of personal safety, situational vigilance, and effective self-defense methodologies.

Martial Arts Class


  • Understand the Fundamentals: Dive into the core tenets of self-defense, encompassing environmental awareness, evasion tactics, and the legal dimensions of personal protection.

  • Develop Physical Skills: Engage in hands-on sessions to cultivate the physical prowess required for self-defense, mastering a repertoire of strikes, kicks, blocks, and techniques to counteract common threats.

  • Enhance Confidence and Decision-Making: Participate in real-life inspired scenarios to bolster confidence and hone the ability to evaluate situations swiftly and act decisively.

  • Foster Respect and Discipline: This course is grounded in the principles of respect and discipline, advocating for the judicious application of self-defense strategies.

Course Structure

  • Weekly Lessons: Each week unfolds new layers of theoretical knowledge and physical maneuvers, progressively building on prior learnings.

  • Practical Scenarios: Engage in meticulously crafted simulations that mirror real-world challenges, facilitating the application of acquired skills in a dynamic environment.

  • Guest Speakers: Gain invaluable insights from a cadre of specialists in personal safety, law enforcement, and martial arts, enriching the learning experience with diverse perspectives.

  • Final Assessment: Culminate your journey with a comprehensive assessment, showcasing your synthesized knowledge and skills.

Join Us

Embrace this opportunity to empower yourself with essential life skills that transcend the classroom. Enroll in the Introduction to Self-Defense for Beginners and embark on a transformative journey towards personal safety and empowerment.

Martial Arts Class in Progress
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