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Physical Education: Sports Class - 15 Weeks

**Course Title: Physical Education: Sports Class - 15 Weeks**

**Course Description:**

Welcome to the 15-week Physical Education: Sports Class. This course explores various sports in-depth and promotes physical development, team-building, sportsmanship, and leadership. Catering to all skill levels, the curriculum is equally accessible to beginners and experienced athletes.

**Week-by-Week Breakdown:**

1. Course Introduction: Familiarize yourself with course objectives, sports to be covered, and essential safety protocols.

2. Basketball: Unravel the game's rules, techniques, and strategies.

3. Basketball: Put your learning into practice with an engaging inter-class tournament.

4. Soccer: Understand the rules, master the basic skills, and strategize for the game.

5. Soccer: Compete in an inter-class mini-tournament and test your skills.

6. Volleyball: Dive into the game's rules, develop essential skills, and plan your play.

7. Volleyball: Participate in a practical session and an exciting inter-class mini-tournament.

8. Tennis: Learn the game's rules, hone basic skills, and strategize.

9. Tennis: Apply your skills in a practice session and an inter-class mini-tournament.

10. Midterm Review: Recap the term's first half with individual and team evaluations.

11. Team Sports Dynamics: Enhance your understanding of sports communication, teamwork, and cooperation.

12. Multi-Sport Tournament: Apply team dynamics lessons in a spirited multi-sport tournament.

13. Fitness and Health: Delve into the importance of physical fitness in sports and overall wellness.

14. Fitness Week: Exercise to enhance strength, agility, and stamina.

15. Review and Final Assessment: Recapitulate the course, undertake final skill assessments, and participate in a concluding class tournament.

**Course Methods:**

The teaching methodology includes direct instruction, independent practice, and cooperative learning. Assessment modes include skill demonstration, peer evaluation, and self-assessment.

**Note:** Proper athletic attire is mandatory. Students are expected to maintain respect and discipline during classes and actively participate with a positive attitude.

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