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Leadership and Teamwork in the JLBC, SESSION 1

Lesson 1

Leadership and Teamwork in the JLBC, SESSION 1

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”

Roy T. Bennett

1.1 Introduction


JLBC Cadets, welcome aboard—to the fun and adventure of Junior

Leadership Bootcamp, a JLBC program, combines the traditions of the past

with the technology of the future. JLBC is for you whether you look to the

military for a career or lifelong hobby.


  1. Cadet Introductions and what they expect

  2. We meet once per week. However, they are expected to interact throughout the week

  3. Classroom Procedures and Rules

  4. The importance of providing feedback

  5. Cadets must comply with the honor code

  6. Mini Bootcamp JLBC 1st Bravo Battalion (JLBC PPT Slides)

  7. Discuss JLBC’s expectations about the frequency of sponsored activities

  8. Chain of Command Assignments (JLBC PPT Slides)

  9. Describe several possible activities JLBC could host as events

  10. Discuss the JLBC program’s importance and its educational goals.


  1. Starters: Warrior Challenge, Color Guard, etc.

  2. Overview

  3. JLBC’s Expectations of Battalion

  4. Ideas for Activities (Legacy Projects)

  5. JLBC Sponsored Programs

  6. Orientation and best practices

  7. Exercise: JLBC Chain of Command

  8. Final Thoughts

1.4 CLASS ACTIVITIES: Group discussions and an exercise on how to correctly complete JLBC Chain of Command worksheets

1.5 EQUIPMENT: Butcher paper/easel pad with markers or a whiteboard is highly recommended

1.6 FOLLOW-ON LESSONS: This lesson is ‘‘Cadet Activities I,’’ and focuses on Battalion-level activities. JLBC Instructors should use this class to focus exclusively on small-scale, day-long, local moves. In the JLBC Intermediate Course and JLBC Advanced Course, two follow-on lessons are provided, ‘‘Cadet Activities II’’ and ‘‘Cadet Activities III,’’ respectively. Those lessons cover encampments, cadet competition, JLBCs, evaluating an activity’s success, and other topics.

1.7 Start 20-minute Close Order Drill Section

  1. Form the JLBC Platoon

  2. Basic Close Order Drill Movements

  3. Squad Leaders, Team Leaders, and Fire Team Leaders work with squads

1.8 Start 15-Physical Fitness

  1. Form for (PT) Physical Training

  2. Workout, Martial Arts, etc.

  3. Helper announces 5 min warning at 10:45 am

  4. 10:50 End of class debrief

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