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JLBC: Theme: Identity Formation

JLBC: Theme: Identity Formation

Theme: Identity Formation

Self-identity is how you

see yourself

Social identity is how others see you.

A Process of Exploration and Commitment


JLBC Cadets One key theme of adolescent development is identity formation. The process of figuring out who you are and how you fit in begins in childhood but gains great importance during adolescence.

Social Identities Activity


This is an excellent time to think back to your adolescence – your middle and high school years. And think about the hats you wore, the social identities others recognized in you. We all have many dimensions that identify us.

Thinking back about my adolescence, I see.

Add your own social identities.

Activity: Reflect on your own multiple identities during adolescence (15 min)

JLBC Cadets, I want to invite you to think about your high school years and the social identities you explored. JLBC Cadets take a piece of blank paper and draw a large circle on it. Then mark the process with 5 or 6 social characteristics other people most likely identified with you.

Multiple Social Identities


Middle class

Youngest of 4 kids, three older brothers


Guitar player


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