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#JLBC Styles of leadership

#JLBC Styles of leadership

JLBC Cadet's Leadership style is the relatively consistent pattern of behavior that characterizes a leader. JLBC Cadets Leaders' styles encompass how they relate to others within and outside the organization, how they view their position, and - to a large extent - whether or not they are successful as leaders. JLBC Cadets If a task needs to be accomplished, how does a particular leader set out to get it done? JLBC Cadets If an emergency arises, how does a leader handle it? If the organization needs the community's support, how does a leader mobilize it? All of these depend on leadership style.

JLBC Cadets, an organization's leadership style is reflected in that organization and its relationships with the community. JLBC Cadets If a leader is suspicious and jealous of his power, others in the company are likely to behave similarly in dealing with colleagues and the community. A leader who is collaborative and open is expected to encourage the same attitudes among staff members and work collaboratively with other organizations.

JLBC Cadets In many ways, the style of its leader defines an organization. If the organization is faithful to its philosophy and mission, its leader's manner must be consistent. An autocratic leader in a democratic organization can create chaos. A leader concerned only with the bottom line in an organization built on the importance of human values may undermine the purpose of its work. For that reason, it is conscious of both your style as a leader and those of others you hire, as leaders can be crucial in keeping your organization on the right track.

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