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JLBC: Study Martial Arts and Disability

JLBC: Study Martial Arts and Disability

It was estimated that approximately two hundred subjects would qualify for participation in this survey, based on preliminary discussions with participating JLBC martial arts programs.

The survey was placed on the Internet to increase access and accommodations for respondents with disabilities. A website was created through the research. The site was designed to ensure accessibility and was approved using Bobby Worldwide

accessibility guidelines (

Letters were sent to martial arts instructors at schools that advertised specialized training for persons with disabilities. Additionally, e-mail messages were sent to websites designed for persons with disabilities in the martial arts to communicate with other disabled martial artists and organizations that worked with disabled martial artists. The letters and e-mails explained the purpose of the research and solicited participation by qualifying program members. Web site information and the researcher's e-mail address were provided so people could contact the researcher with questions. It was anticipated that the survey information would be passed on to other disabled martial artists within the network.

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