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JLBC: Steps to Leadership Brand


JLBC: Steps to Leadership Brand

JLBC Build leadership awareness in critical stakeholders

JLBC Cadets Drawing on the brand leadership literature, we have synthesized six steps to creating a leadership brand.

Step 1: Create a case for leadership. Our first principle (leadership matters) shows that effective leadership increases customer share, investor confidence, organization performance, and employee productivity. JLBC Cadets Being very clear about the expected outcomes of leadership helps justify the time spent on building leadership.

Step 2: Articulate a clear leadership brand statement. In our second principle (leadership basics), the Leadership Code defines what individual leaders need to be, know, and do. The breadth and depth of the five code categories assure leaders that they master the fundamentals of leadership.

But a leadership point-of-view should evolve into a leading brand. A leadership brand focuses on the outside, not the inside. It tells a story, and it applies to all leaders throughout an

organization. In our work on building a leadership brand, we like to start by looking at the organization from the outside in. Almost every company has a media campaign through print, television, the internet, and other ads. These campaigns tell customers a story about how the firm will uniquely service them.

When we work with companies to complement their leadership basics with their unique leadership differentiators, we like to review an organization’s customer or marketing campaign. We ask executives to view commercials, print media, and reputation efforts to capture messages the firm shares with outside groups. We then look at the company’s leadership competency model to see if it reflects these external expectations. Most often, they do not. Most leadership competency models are inside-out, not outside-in.

  1. Build a case for leadership

  2. Create a declaration of leadership

  3. Measure leadership investment

  4. Assess leadership

  5. Invest in leadership

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