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JLBC Standards

JLBC Standards

JLBC Physical Education Curriculum Guide Grade 6

JLBC Unit 5: Hand Dribble/Hand Passing Suggested Time: 3 Weeks

JLBC Instructional Activities & Resources

JLBC Equipment

JLBC Manipulative Skills

JLBC Dribble and pass a ball to a partner while being guarded.

JLBC Throw and object accurately and with applied force, using the underhand, overhand, and sidearm movement (throw) patterns.

JLBC Manipulative Skills

JLBC Identify opportunities to pass or dribble while being guarded.

Combination of Movement Patterns

JLBC Develop a cooperative movement game that uses locomotor skills, object manipulation, and an offensive strategy and teaches the game to another person.

Group Dynamics

JLBC Participate productively in group physical activities.

JLBC Week 1: Dribbling Basics (ready position, pivot, hand and foot movement)

JLBC Whistle cues-free dribble (Spark, Basketball )

JLBC Maravich drills (Spark, Basketball )

JLBC On-Command Drills (Spark, Basketball )

JLBC Line Dribbling (Spark, Basketball )

JLBC Dribble Keep Away (Spark, Basketball )

JLBC Ball Touch – Keepaway (Ready to Use)

JLBC Knock Away (Ready to Use)

JLBC Steal the Tails (Ready to Use)

JLBC Week 2: Passing (chest pass, overhead pass, bounce pass

JLBC Overview (Spark, Basketball )

JLBC Passing Challenges (Spark, Basketball pgs. )

JLBC Memory Ball (Group Juggling) (Spark, Cooperative Games


JLBC Week 3: Modified Games

Keepaway (Spark, Field Games )

3 Catch Games (Spark, Field Games)

3 Step Run with Defenders (Spark, Field Games )

JLBC Too Good for Drugs Lessons:

“Keep Off the Grass,”

Balls (1 per person)




Overhand Underhand Pivot

Ready position Pass

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