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JLBC: Security

JLBC: Security

As a JLBC Cadet, I will carry out my duties with honesty and integrity and maintain the highest moral principles.

As a JLBC Cadet, I will faithfully, diligently, and dependably discharge my duties and uphold the laws, policies, and procedures that protect the rights of others.

As a JLBC Cadet, I will discharge my duties truthfully, accurately, and prudently without interfering with personal feelings, prejudices, animosities, or friendships to influence my judgments.

As a JLBC Cadet, I will report any violation of law or rule, or regulation immediately to my supervisors.

As a JLBC Cadet, I will respect and protect information considered confidential and privileged by my employer or client, except where their interests are contrary to law or this Code of Ethics.

As a JLBC Cadet, I will cooperate with all recognized and responsible law enforcement agencies within their jurisdiction.

As a JLBC Cadet, I will accept no compensation, commission, gratuity, or other advantage without the knowledge and consent of my employer.

As a JLBC Cadet, I will conduct myself professionally at all times and perform my duties in a manner that reflects credit upon me, my employer, and the security profession.

As a JLBC Cadet, I will continually improve my performance by seeking training and educational opportunities that better prepare me to carry out my security duties.


JLBC Cadet's Failure to Report Violations

JLBC Cadets Reporting ethical violations is an essential part of a security Guard􏰀s job. JLBC Cadets watching for and reporting ethical violations is part of protecting people and property. Unethical behavior is a threat to the well-being of people and property. Reporting ethical violations is the job for which a security guard has been hired. JLBC Cadets failing to report ethical violations compromises the entire security function. JLBC Cadets Companies should have carefully developed protocols for reporting suspected ethical violations. JLBC Cadets People have to trust the process, and the process must work. JLBC Cadets Discretion is a must.

Violating Confidentiality

What you see at work stays at work. Information is valuable property. Protecting property is a duty of a Security Guard. Keeping confidence comes with the job.


There is no excuse for the dishonesty of any sort by a security Guard. Theft of property. There is never a legitimate reason for the theft. No excuse will be accepted. 􏰁Unauthorized borrowing􏰂 is the same as stealing. Theft of services is theft. Theft of time is stealing. Sleeping on duty is theft. Leave abuse is stealing. Falsification is unethical and dishonest. JLBC Cadets making false entries in the business records of a company is a crime. False reporting that you made inspections when you did not is evil. Falsely reporting on some forms is theft.

Destruction or Misuse of Property

There is never a legitimate excuse for damaging or misusing property or equipment belonging to another.


Do not represent yourself as other than a security Guard. Impersonation is unethical and almost always counterproductive. Security Guards need to be immediately and precisely identifiable as security guards. People need ready access to security Guards and must be aware of their presence. The idea that pretending to be a law enforcement Guard is helpful is an illusion. It is not valid.

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