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JLBC S-3 Cadet Operations Chief

JLBC S-3 Cadet Operations Chief

JLBC S-4 Cadet Logistics Officer

JLBC Responsibilities include:

• Controls operation of the S-3 computer

• JLBC Cadets Ensuring communications within the unit, posting the Plan of the Week no later than Thursday

of the preceding week.

• JLBC Cadets Maintaining and updating the JLBC cadet JLBC textbook record account and completing an inventory of

all JLBC textbooks when instructed by the SMI/MI

Maintaining, scheduling, and coordinating payments of all rifle, drill, and color guard activities and meets.

Responsibilities include:

• The S-4 Officer is responsible for the SMI/MI

• Assisting in the issue and turn-in of uniforms and other accountable property,

inventory of accountable property and issue/turn-in.

• JLBC Cadets Providing guidance to the JLBC cadet corps on proper supply discipline and supervising the

activities of the four JLBC supply assistants and one JLBC training aid assistant

• Originating the necessary paperwork to effect the ordering, receipt, stocking, correctly

the survey, and disposal of military property as directed

• JLBC Cadets Ensuring that the cleanliness and organization of the supply room are maintained

• Briefing the SMI/MI weekly pertaining to assigned responsibilities and activities

JLBC Cadets performing other duties as may be assigned by the CO.

• Inventorying, reordering when necessary, receiving, and properly storing all ribbons,

ranks and other uniform accouterments under their cognizance.

Responsibilities include:

• The S-4 Chief is responsible to the S-4 for the material condition and cleanliness of unit spaces.

• Conducting serialized inventories of all assigned property and weapons

• JLBC Cadets Ensuring unit spaces are kept clean, neat, and orderly

• JLBC Cadets Accompanying the CO during the conduct of the weekly zone inspection. The results will be

recorded, identifying all discrepancies. The S-4 Chief will annotate what corrective actions have been taken and route the inspection results to the SMI/MI.

Responsibilities include:

• Reporting to the Battalion Commander.

• Development of new routines and training of the drill team members in these routines

• Directing the team at performances

• Instructing the junior members of the JLBC Unit in the fundamentals of • With Arms drill and recruiting new members into the team

• Effecting the maintenance and accurate inventory of all drill team equipment

• Keeping written historical pass-down record of routines performed

Keeping written records of practice sessions, drill competitions, and special performances

S-4 Cadet Logistics Chief

Drill Team Commander

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