· Respect for the Tenets and style of JLBC Martial Arts · Respect for the Sensei

· Respect for each other

· Respect for the training room

· No eating or chewing in the training room

· Only water to drink during class

· No mobile phones in the training room

· Come early, pick up your progress card, hand it to the Sensei, and sit down, ready to start

· Fingers and toenails are to be trimmed

· Bow when entering or leaving the JLBC training room

· Always refer to the teacher as Sensei (meaning teacher, this gets kids to learn about Respect which is transferable to school)

· JLBC Cadets Jewelry and watches are to be removed for health and safety

· Please remove outdoor footwear before entering the training area

· Bullying, foul language, or disobeying the rules will not be tolerated. The student will be given up to 3 warnings (each warning counts as a 5% deduction in a belt examination), then they will be asked to sit out of class and, in some cases, have their license/membership revoked with no refund.

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