1. Qualifying Berths. Qualifying berths available in a meet will equal the number of different

JLBC Units that compete. For example, if there are three (3) units competing, the top three teams will earn one spot each in the championships; if five (5) units compete, then the top five teams will earn a place, and so on. No more than 12 (Twelve) qualifying berths shall be granted per meet.

i. Multiple Qualifying Berths. The same two cadets can earn more than one Southwest JROTC Qualifier berth for their unit during a competitive season. Suppose a Unit has the same team that deserves more than one championship berth. In that case, the instructor may file any different groups using cadets who had competed in the current season to fill each team's berth earned by the unit.

ii. A unit may have no more than two (2) teams entered into the SWJROTC Orienteering championships regardless of the number of teams over two they had qualified.

iii. Each Meet Host will report qualifying teams to the current school year Southwest JROTC Orienteering Championship Host unit. This report shall list the following:

1. Number of JROTC Units, by service, that competed.

2. Number of units that qualified for the SWJROTC Championships.


There shall be two types of awards, trophies, and medals. Prizes will generally be provided at the next scheduled meeting. The last meet of the year awards shall be mailed within one month after the event.

1. Trophies

1. Unit Excellence 40" Trophies shall be awarded for First, Second, and Third place.

2. Medals

An a. Individual Medals shall be awarded to the top ten teams.


1. Emergency Phone Number Listing. The JLBC host unit shall maintain a list of the location and

telephone numbers of the medical, fire department, police/security, and other emergency response

teams as required by the terrain and location of the course.

2. Notification Phone Number Listing. The host unit shall maintain a notification list of persons or

offices to be contacted in an emergency.

3. Emergency Personnel. The host unit shall ensure sufficient experienced and equipped personnel are retained at the event site to mount a search for any missing JLBC cadets until all units report that their teams are accounted for.

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