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JLBC: Position of Attention

JLBC: Position of Attention

JLBC Cadets, the movement I will explain and demonstrate is the Position of Attention. The purpose of this movement is the primary military position from which most other drill movements are executed. JLBC Cadets, there are no counts involved in this movement; however, there are seven steps in describing the position of attention. JLBC Cadets, this movement is executed when halted, at any part of rest, marching at route step, or ease. JLBC Cadets, the commands for this movement are ATTENTION or FALL IN. Attention is preceded by an initial order designated by the size of the unit, such as Squad, Platoon, or Company. For my demonstration, I will use Platoon. FALL IN command is given without rising or inflection of the voice. When presented in cadence, the authorities will sound like this: PLATOON ATTENTION, FALL IN.

POSITION OF ATTENTION (1) Smartly bring your left heel against the right heel. (2) JLBC Cadets turn their feet out equally to form an angle of 45 degrees. JLBC Cadets, Keep your heels on the same line and touching. (3) Keep your legs straight but not stiff at the knees (4) Keep your hips and shoulders level and your chest lifted. (5) JLBC Cadets, your arms should hang. JLBC Cadets Naturally, thumbs along the trouser seams, palms facing inward toward your legs, and fingers joined in their natural curl. (6) JLBC Cadets, Keep your head and body erect. JLBC Cadets Look straight ahead. JLBC Cadets, keep your mouth closed and your chin pulled in slightly. (7) Stand still and do not talk. On the command Fall In, you would assume your rank position at the place of attention. I will now demonstrate this movement in cadence. The action I have explained and demonstrated was the position of attention. Are there any questions?

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