JLBC Perimeter control at fire

JLBC Perimeter control at fire

Follow the direction of emergency personnel

Do not block fire department access

Keep spectators at a distance


Elements of criminal trespass to property


If the prowler is still at the scene

If so, the exact location

Activity of prowler

Description of prowler Description of prowler's vehicle

We Need two security Guards at the scene.

Normally does not merit an emergency response.

Identify self to the complainant before checking premises

Check premises (contact law enforcement)

JLBC Cadets Reassure the complainant of the fact that they are safe

Ruptured water or gas line

Notify appropriate utility

Stand by if any danger is present

Keep spectators at a distance

No smoking in the vicinity of a gas leak


Determine if elements of the offense are present

Ascertain the identity of trespassers

Advise trespassers to leave unless unusual circumstances dictate arrest

Advising property owners or agents of a potentially hazardous condition

Identify the owner of the property by inquiring at a location in question, neighbors, or through local

law enforcement agency

Assisting elderly or disabled persons with mobility problems

Treat with dignity, avoid being condescending,

Assist as necessary

JLBC Cadets Procedures to escort money, valuables, or people to provide security

Check department policy (post orders)

Use codes to conceal the nature of the call

Need for precautions

Avoid contact with money or valuables

Avoid establishing a routine


Security Guards must know the most direct and safest routes to locations, know people have a legitimate purpose for being in a given area and know the regular hours of operation for departments and offices.

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