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JLBC Organize the content of the course

JLBC Organize the content of the course

The content of your JLBC class should be organized in a logical progression to achieve your objectives and goal. JLBC Senior Cadets This should be done in two parts:

a) a general course outline and

b) individual lesson plans. The best approach for putting together a recreation class where skill acquisition is usually focused is to organize material from the simple to the complex. In other words, start with the easily understood or mastered and move on to the more difficult.

JLBC Cadets Evaluate the attainment of objectives and goal

Due to the non-academic focus of our classes, we are not interested in formal evaluation of student progress. However, as an instructor, you should be interested in how effective your teaching has been. In addition, your students will be interested in seeing how much they have progressed from the beginning of the class. JLBC Cadets This can be done in an informal and non-threatening manner. Here are some suggestions:

● Observe your students, noting their progress during each class session and throughout the course.

● Devise testing drills or activities that will show you and the students their progress. These should be fun yet challenging. Yes, these can even be paper and pencil quizzes if you feel they are worthwhile (maybe for game rules, etc.).

● When appropriate, set up games and tournaments. However, please do not promote the "winning is everything" attitude, as this is not what Instructional Programs are about.

● If you would like to construct a specific survey for your classes, the Instructional Program can send out an online survey to your students either midway through or at the end of your class. Contact the Martial Arts Program Coordinator to start working on the survey.

These guidelines are just that, guidelines. You may tailor them to the demands of your specific program as you see fit. Also, you may find that your plan has to be altered over the quarter due to several factors, including student interest and skill level, equipment/facility breakdown, etc. These factors are good reasons to have alternate plans available. Course preparation takes time, but it will be evident to your students and JLBC Martial Arts staff evaluating these programs if you don't plan.

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