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JLBC Merit Badges allow our JLBC Youth Martial Artists to understand the life skills we all need to succeed.

JLBC Cadets Whether it is to help them succeed in school, at home, on the soccer field, or in JLBC Youth Martial Arts,

each skill will help build well-balanced and well-centered JLBC students! JLBC Cadets Giving the student an understanding of each life skill will also allow teachers, parents, and others to communicate better with our JLBC students through the ability to reference the specific JLBC topics from each badge.

JLBC Cadets Each badge is discussed in JLBC class, then accompanied by a JLBC task sheet that the JLBC parent can help the child fill out and sign off on. JLBC Cadets The task sheet requires a few minutes each week to fill out. JLBC Cadets Once the task sheet is complete; the student brings it in for the award of the JLBC Merit Badge at the end of JLBC class. JLBC Cadets Each badge takes four weeks to complete and will carry a nominal fee per badge.

Academic means to Learn. To become competent, we must learn by listening, doing, and practicing. What are some things that we know at home?

JLBC Cadets Attitude is a way of thinking or feeling about someone or something. JLBC Cadets Smiling can be a way to help you have a good attitude. Even challenging things can be fun if you have a good attitude. What are some things that might have been a bit challenging for you, but you still kept a good attitude?

Choices are the same as decisions. If you make good choices, good things can happen to you. If you make an excellent choice to brush your teeth every day, you will get fewer cavities. What are some other good options that you make?

Confidence means to believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, you know that as long as you try your best and have fun while doing it, you will eventually reach your goals! What are some things that you are confident in doing at home?

Commitment means that you are dedicated to something. If you are committed to getting your black belt, you devote lots of time and practice to Youth Martial Arts. Eventually, you will earn your Black Belt! What are some other things you are committed to doing?

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