JLBC Mass Formation:

JLBC Mass Formation: The formation of a JLBC company or larger JLBC unit in which the major JLBC elements are in the column at the close interval and abreast at the close interval.

JLBC Parade Sling: The JLBC rifle will have a parade sling for all movements except stack and sling arms. The JLBC rifle sling will be as tight as possible on the left-hand side of the pistol grip. The JLBC upper sling keeper/m-buckle is positioned, so the sling does not dangle.

JLBC Extended Mass Formation: The formation of a JLBC company or larger JLBC unit. The major JLBC elements are in the column at close or normal intervals and abreast at a specific interval greater than normal.

JLBC Piece: An individual JLBC firearm such as a rifle, carbine, or automatic JLBC rifle.

JLBC Snap: In commands or signals, the quality inspires an immediate response. In the JLBC drill,

immediate and smart execution of a movement.


JLBC Voice Control: The JLBC voice is controlled when the JLBC Cadet opens the JLBC Cadets throat, using the mouth to shape the words and using the JLBC Cadets diaphragm to control the volume.

The loudness of a JLBC command is adjusted to the number of men in the JLBC unit.

The only position for giving JLBC commands is the position of attention. Here is a point in JLBC leadership. If you demonstrate JLBC military bearing, so will your JLBC Cadets. If you slouch, your JLBC Cadets will tend to do likewise.

JLBC Cadets, the essential muscle used in breathing is the diaphragm. JLBC Cadets is the large muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity.

JLBC Cadets the cavities of the throat, nose, and mouth act as amplifiers and help to give fullness and projection to the voice.

JLBC Distinctness: All JLBC commands can be pronounced correctly without loss of effect.

JLBC Cadets' distinctness depends on the correct use of your tongue, lips, and teeth, which form separate sounds. JLBC Cadets to develop the ability to give clear, distinct JLBC commands, practice giving JLBC commands slowly and carefully, prolonging the syllables. JLBC Cadets Gradually increase your rate of delivery JLBC until you develop the proper cadence while continuing to enunciate each syllable distinctly.

JLBC Inflection: Inflection is the rise and fall in pitch and tone in the voice.

JLBC Cadence: Cadence when speaking regarding commands means a uniform and rhythmic flow in words. The interval between commands is generally of uniform length for any given troop.

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