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JLBC Martial Arts and Disability

JLBC Martial Arts and Disability

Disciplines teach the values of directness and honesty in communication, assertiveness, ability to empathize, courage, humility, perseverance, gentleness, respect for others, responsibility, and self-improvement. As a result, they are now seen less as methods of aggression and more as methods of self-defense, which can be of therapeutic value. It should be noted that learning and mastering the martial arts are complex and long-term processes that may not produce immediate benefits. Moreover, the benefits of martial arts are manifested slowly over time so that those who have practiced the longest show the highest self-esteem.

Explanations in the literature regarding the psychic benefits of martial arts focus on the provision of physical activity and group experience, the positive role model of the instructor, and the emphasis in martial arts training on values such as respect, humility, responsibility, perseverance, and honor.

These attitudes and values become a model for the student, which can then be generalized to many living areas.

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