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JLBC Malpractice

JLBC Malpractice

JLBC Cadets' Abuse of authority and incompetence are each definite violations of ethics. Abuse of power is deliberate wrongdoing. Incompetence is wrongdoing due to a lack of skill. JLBC Cadets, there is nothing that compromises security faster than lousy security.

JLBC Cadets, whether deliberate or incompetent, improper security operations compromise security and can endanger the very people and property a security Guard is hired to protect.


Security Guards are part of but yet slightly apart from their co-workers. JLBC Cadets Security Guards must avoid even the perception of subjectivity or favoritism.

JLBC Alcohol and drugs

JLBC Cadets, the use of alcohol or drugs while on duty is prohibited. Security Guards are expected to be fully alert when on duty. JLBC Cadets On-duty alcohol or drug use compromises safety, reduces response time, inhibits professional judgments, and compromises security.


JLBC Cadets A security Guard may only serve one 􏰁master.􏰂 JLBC Cadets No security Guard may accept anything of value from anyone other than the employer for performing security services. JLBC Cadets Accepting bribes is a firing offense. JLBC Cadets Always and without exception.

JLBC Gambling

JLBC Cadets Gambling at work violates accepted ethical standards for security Guards.

JLBC Borrowing Money

JLBC Cadets Borrowing money from or lending money to co-workers and employees is frowned upon. A debt creates at least a perception of undue influence, which can compromise a security Guard even if the perception is not accurate.

Harassment, Sexual and Otherwise

People come to work. The law prohibits activities that make working more difficult for illegitimate reasons, such as race, religion, or sex. Conduct that is offensive to someone because of their race, religion, or sex has no place at work. It is not job-related, and people do not have to put up with it. Harassment, including sexual Harassment, is a violation of civil rights laws. Harassment reduces productivity and creates liabilities for employers. It is also hurtful to its victims and against the law. Therefore, its reduction is part of a security Guard􏰀s duty to protect people and property.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is legally defined as any unwelcome sexual conduct or contact. Note that sexual Harassment (like all Harassment) is measured primarily by the effect of behavior on the victim. The 􏰁actor's intent is not essential, and it does not matter much that the person thought the conduct was 􏰁harmless.􏰂 Sexually harassing conduct can be open, such as coercing sex with a promise of promotion or 􏰁grabbing􏰂 at employees. It can also be more subtle, such as jokes and verbal conduct, or too persistently trying to date someone who has said 􏰁no.􏰂

Even routine dating between co-workers is often discouraged. It can quickly create conflicts of interest, and there have been many cases in which this has resulted in compromises of security.

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