49% greater productivity is achieved in firms created by serial entrepreneurs. Large corporations are increasingly encouraging their leaders to show entrepreneurial zeal within the mature organization—intrapreneurship.

Embrace uncertainty like an entrepreneur. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks, and accept your failures as learning experiences. Doing nothing is the only approach destined to fail eventually.

Develop your entrepreneurial leadership skills by asking customers and colleagues more questions—what issues cause you regular hassle?

How can we help you? Celebrate both successes and failures as signs of entrepreneurship, be sure to reward the contributions people make to creating value for the business, and respond flexibly to opportunities to solve problems for customers. Scrutinize your business for new opportunities. Think hard, and above all, think creatively.

Looking at your business with an entrepreneurial mindset will help you generate ideas for maximizing opportunities for growth that no one else has seen—either within or outside the organization.

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