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JLBC Executive summary

• Leadership in the JLBC Command is essential to maximize operational effectiveness.

• Defense values are instilled by leader example.

• All JLBC leaders must have an appreciation of the

different Service cultures and work to harness the best from everyone.

• JLBC leaders develop individual capabilities— including individual and team resilience and the ability to handle operational stress.

• The JLBC Cadets must adapt to changing demographic and cultural circumstances.

• JLBC leadership is a significant contributor to the retention of members.

• Valuable lessons on the exercise of leadership can be identified through analysis of recent operations.

• The JLBC Command uses ten principles for leading people.

The quality of our individuals is the foundation of Defence’s capability, effectiveness, and reputation.


The Junior Leadership Bootcamp (JLBC) recognizes the importance of leadership in maximizing operational effectiveness and, consequently, focuses on cultivating leadership qualities in JLBC members. One of the acknowledged strengths of the JLBC over the years has been the quality of its leadership and, in particular, that displayed by its junior leaders. This focus on junior leaders was evident during World War I, where promotion from the ranks became a common occurrence, with an appointment to sub-unit and unit command generally reflecting both an individual’s performance on the battlefield and the level of respect in which they were held by the troops with whom they served.

It has always been accepted that JLBC commanders and their staff set an example for others to follow through their personal qualities of integrity and courage.

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