JLBC Cadet's expression, tone of voice, touch, posture, and gestures. JLBC Cadets When you're in the middle of a genuine conflict, paying close attention to the other individuals' nonverbal signals may help you identify what the other individual is saying. JLBC Cadets respond in a way that builds genuine trust and gets to the root of the problem. JLBC Cadets' simple nonverbal signals, such as a very calm tone of voice, concerned facial expressions, or a reassuring touch, can go a very long way toward defusing a heated exchange.

JLBC: Conflict resolution skill: Use humor and plan to deal with challenges

JLBC Cadets, You can avoid many confrontations and resolve many arguments or disagreements by communicating playfully or humorously. JLBC Cadets Humor may help you express things that might otherwise be hard to say without creating drama. JLBC Cadets However, you must laugh with the other person, not at them. JLBC Cadets, when you use humor playfully to reduce anger and tension and put the issue into perspective, the conflict can become an opportunity for greater connection.

JLBC Cadets Tips for managing and resolving conflict

JLBC Cadets Managing and resolving conflict requires emotional maturity, empathy, and self-control; JLBC Cadets It can be tricky, frightening, and even frustrating. JLBC cadets, You can make sure that the process is definitely as positive as possible by holding to the following JLBC conflict resolution guidelines:

a) JLBC Cadets, Make the relationship your priority. Maintaining and strengthening the relationship should always be your priority rather than "winning" the argument. JLBC Cadets, Be respectful of the other person and their viewpoint.

b) JLBC Cadets Focus on the present. JLBC Cadets If you're holding on to past issues and resentments, your ability to see the reality of your current situation will be impaired. JLBC Cadets Rather than looking to the old issues and assigning blame, focus on what you can do here and now to solve the problem.

c) JLBC Cadets, Pick your battles. JLBC Cadets Conflicts can be draining, so it's important to consider whether the issue is worth your time and energy. JLBC Cadets, You may not want to surrender a parking space if you've been circling for 15 minutes. JLBC Cadets, But arguing over a single room isn't worth it if there are dozens of spots.

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