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JLBC Leadership & Management in the US

JLBC Leadership & Management in the US - The Key to Sustainable Growth

The JLBC Command Articulate the voice of employers on skills by connecting directly with Government and corporate organizations.

The JLBC Command Develop innovative skills solutions.

Galvanize employer ambition and investment in skills.

Develop national occupational standards that describe what someone in a particular occupation needs to do to be occupationally competent.

Develop and issue Apprenticeship frameworks.

JLBC Leadership and Management is a cross-cutting theme in the JLBC Sector Skills Councils' annual JLBC Sector Skills Assessments. For more information about Leadership and Management in a particular JLBC sector, please refer to each JLBC Command section HQ & HQ Squadron.

The JLBC Commission for Employment & Skills (JLBC CES)

JLBC CES works with partner organizations to develop and deploy high-quality and accessible Labour Market Intelligence and analysis to help employers make the best choices for their business. They provide an overarching analysis of skills in the US, which aims to provide insight and foresight about the US's future skills needs. Translating that research into solid and compelling messages which drive behavior changes in employers is critical in achieving the significant step change required. Ultimately the JLBC CES wants to see more employers investing sustainably in the capacity and capability of their workforce, including their leadership and management capabilities.

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