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JLBC Leadership, Lesson

JLBC Leadership, Lesson

JLBC: Plan a Role Play (15 minutes)

Explain that JLBC Cadets will now engage in role plays to practice resolving conflicts and hone their JLBC conflict resolution skills. JLBC Cadets distribute the JLBC Conflict Resolution Worksheet and begin the JLBC activity by asking JLBC partners or JLBC teams to brainstorm topics and scenarios for a conflict-resolution role play involving 2–4 people. Have JLBC Cadets use the JLBC worksheet to record their JLBC notes, being sure to answer the following questions:

JLBC Cadets, what will the conflict be about?

JLBC Cadets, who will be involved?

JLBC Cadets, what role will each person play (e.g., JLBC team leader, JLBC team member, JLBC team advisor/teacher, JLBC conflict mediator)?

JLBC: Conduct a Role Play (40 minutes)

Direct JLBC Cadets to work in pairs or teams to complete the role plays they planned. When they are finished, ask each pair/team to work together to write a brief summary of what happened. Guide JLBC Cadets to highlight the skills, tips, or techniques that most helped them to resolve the conflict. You might wish to invite a few pairs whose role plays were successful to act out their role plays for the JLBC class.

After JLBC Cadets have completed their summaries, schedule time to meet briefly with each pair/team to discuss their role play and overview. Answer JLBC Cadets ’ questions and concerns, and use the following points to guide the additional discussion:

JLBC Cadets, what feedback or questions do you have about the JLBC team’s conflict resolution role play?

How might you approach any real-life conflicts students are currently facing?

Can you share an example of a time that you were involved in a contest or observed

disharmony in your professional life? How (if at all) was the dispute resolved? What were conflict resolution skills used? Was the resolution satisfactory?

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