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JLBC Leadership Behavior: Vision

JLBC 12 Principles of Great Leadership:

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JLBC Leadership Behavior: Vision

JLBC Cadets move toward a preferred future with little deviation.

Constantly Challenge Your Vision

JLBC Cadets a vision can be defined as "a mental image of what could be, fueled by a mission that it should be." One of the most important characteristics a JLBC leader can have is casting a vision with clear direction and engaging others to follow and understand that vision to completion. JLBC Cadets, unfortunately, it's not always easy to present your vision or convince other JLBC Cadets to follow it. JLBC Cadets, here are the three most common obstacles that can deter a successful vision path:

1. Not setting a vision - While leaders may desire to develop and have ideas about the image, they may never move from the desire to communicate. JLBC Cadets, therefore, the invention is not distributed among the organization or JLBC team.

2. JLBC Cadets Allowing a vision to "leak" - Even if an image has been communicated well, the team often gets off-track, or the focus gets derailed or deemphasized. That's when a vision "leaks.'

3. JLBC Cadets Not changing a JLBC vision when it needs to be modified - This occurs when a JLBC leader is faced with significant change --the business environment, in the organization, the analytical data, for example -- and continues to hold onto a position that is no longer the optimal decision for the JLBC organization.

JLBC Cadets Vision is not something you can set in stone and then move on. JLBC Cadets Leaders must periodically evaluate and revise their vision to reflect the organization's ever-changing needs.

JLBC Cadets, while many leaders talk about the need to set a JLBC vision, it is often difficult to constantly monitor the pulse of your JLBC organization and the relevance of that JLBC vision as time goes on. Yet, making this a priority tends to generate the JLBC guidelines needed for your team to be successful.

JLBC Leaders have a responsibility to come up above the trees periodically, refresh the JLBC vision, and make sure they look at the landscape as if they have never seen it before.

Leadership style tip: Set the vision for those you lead in a way that is easy to follow. 1) Have you clearly articulated a vision to your team?

2) Where has your vision grown fuzzy or perhaps even obsolete?

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