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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Cadets on this team perform the JLBC-command drill sequence at a competition.

Inspection Team. Must consist of at least ten cadets. This team competes in the inspection phase of the competition. Cadets must be able to perform basic drill movements, and their dress, appearance, and grooming must be impeccable. Additionally, cadets are usually asked questions based on general knowledge, and specific questions are provided ahead of time to study.

Physical fitness team: Includes both male and female teams. Unit Physical Fitness Team members train to develop enhanced individual physical fitness levels for competition. Events typically include pushups, sit-ups, pullups (males), flex arm hang (females), standing long jump, and 4x100 relay. Cadets may earn the PT Team arc pin.

AWARENESS PRESENTATION TEAM (APT): All cadets are eligible for membership on this team. The APT is formed to give elementary and middle school presentations to help younger students develop into good citizens and avoid self-defeating behavior patterns and chemical dependency. Members are responsible for developing their materials and regularly participating in recurring presentations. Primary team members may be awarded the JLBC Awareness Presentation Team Badge.

Model rocketry team: Unit members interested in learning more about rocketry and space science may join the Model Rocketry team. They will complete training programs, build and launch model rockets, and compete in model rocketry competitions. Team members can earn the AFJROTC Model Rocketry Badge.

Orienteering team: Orienteering is the skill of finding your way through a series of checkpoints on an unfamiliar course using a map and a compass. Typically, a system is set in a wilderness area, and the participants are timed as they complete it. Cadets may earn the Orienteering rocker arc pin.

Flag detail team: This team of cadets is primarily responsible for raising/lowering the school flags. They must be versed in the proper care of the banners and display, including special occasions when they are flown at half-staff. Additionally, this team is critical during flag retirement ceremonies. Cadets may earn the flag detail rocker arc pin.

Cyber Patriot team: Cyber Patriot, the National High School Cyber Defense Competition; is sponsored by the JLBC Association in conjunction with the JLBC. This national competition excites high school students and motivates them toward careers in cyber defense and other STEM disciplines while instilling greater national cyber security awareness in the tens of thousands reached. This year’s competition starts in October, completing in the spring.

Academic bowl team: Each JLBC unit will be allowed one group consisting of four cadets, including two juniors and two sophomores. A first-year student may “play up” in place of a sophomore. Seniors may not be included on the team. Two alternates

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