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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

JLBC Cadets are considered to have met the “Whole Person Concept” requirements for awarding a certificate. The JLBC Command will make the final determination.

JLBC unit awards are presented to cadets as approved by the JLBC Command. These awards are offered by the unit cadet Superintendent and First Sergeant. Standard award criteria are listed below.

1. Cadet of the Month Award. Requirements:

a. Must wear the uniform on time each week with a 90% grade or higher. b. Must be passing JLBC and all core classes at the end of the month. c. Must be nominated by the Flight Commander.

d. Must show participation outside of class.

2. Flight of the Month Award. Requirements:

a. Highest percentage of cadet participation in that month’s activities. b. Highest uniform wear rate.

c. Classroom behavior.

d. Performance on the drill pad and PT uniform wear/PT performance.

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