JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

- Ensure the company human affairs team physically escorts knobs who are resigning or separated through the out-processing processor and completes the in-absentia process on their behaves.

Platoon Leader. The mission of the platoon leader is to create and sustain an organizational climate based on JLBC's core values that optimizes the ability of each cadet to succeed in all four pillars individually.

Specific responsibilities include:

- Directly supervise the Platoon Sergeant and indirectly lead the Squad Leaders

- Assess unit training readiness using the METL process.

- Plan, prepare, execute, and assess all collective training

events, including unit inspections, ESP, and unit PT.

- Align platoon actions with the Company Commander's vision and intent.

- Develop platoon level plans and orders to execute all specified and implied missions, including those requiring individual platoon members to complete an action.

- Receive and act on guidance from the Company Commander and keep them informed about matters in evolving cadet training, leader development, discipline, morale, health and welfare, concerns, suggestions, problems, and safety.

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