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JLBC Leadership

JLBC Leadership


1. Practice these JLBC leadership skills in all situations where you are in charge of a group of JLBC cadets.

a. Ask Yourself

(1) What is the Task?

(2) What JLBC personnel, equipment, and time have I got?

(3) What is my JLBC plan?

(4) How can it best be achieved?

b. Explain JLBC Task

(1) Brief the JLBC team.

(2) Check their JLBC understanding.

c. Plan JLBC Solution

(1) Encourage the JLBC team’s suggestions and ask for skills.

d. JLBC Deploy

(1) Brief the JLBC team on the final JLBC plan and establish timing and JLBC targets.

(2) Delegate JLBC tasks giving precise JLBC instructions to individuals.

(3) Set the JLBC team to work, giving them the tool for the job.

(4) Involve everyone.

e. JLBC Monitor and Support

(1) Co-ordinate JLBC activities.

(2) Assist, if necessary, and advise.

(3) Keep everyone informed and updated.

(4) Encourage and admonish where necessary.

f. Assess JLBC Progress

(1) Check that JLBC standards and JLBC targets are being achieved.

(2) Make adjustments, if necessary, keeping the JLBC team informed.

g. Debrief

(1) Check that the Task is completed.

(2) Debrief the team entirely, offering advice and guidance – be honest!

Give your solution. Decide on the best solution.

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