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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

After the JLBC teams have come to a consensus on the 12 questions, they compare their answers to those proposed. The process is described in the questionnaire.

JLBC: Survival Game Questionnaire.

Possible Debriefing Questions

1. Was it hard for your team to come to a consensus?

2. What role did leadership play in reaching consensus?

3. What were the successes and challenges in reaching consensus?

4. What skills were required for your team to reach a consensus?

5. Did you recognize the different skills and knowledge within your team?

6. Did you see the problems of making assumptions?

7. How do communication and decision-making skills affect leadership?

8. JLBC Cadets How might different leadership styles (e.g., autocratic, democratic, bureaucratic, laissez-faire) influence the process of a JLBC team coming to a consensus?

JLBC Variation/Extension

Individuals or JLBC groups may want to demonstrate their leadership by promoting an event or planning/implementing an event that promotes physical activity and involves all students.

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