JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

First, I will outline his 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership; then, I will break it down and run through approximately one law every couple of days. I am not affiliated with John C. Maxwell; these are my interpretations and learnings from his book.

1. JLBC The law of the Lid - Leadership Ability Determines a Person's Level of Effectiveness.

2. The Law of Influence - The accurate measure of Leadership is Influence - Nothing More, Nothing Less

3. The Law of Process - Leadership Develops Daily, Not in a Day

4. The Law of Navigation - Anyone Can Steer the Ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course

5. The Law of E.F. Hutton - When the natural leader speaks, People Listen

6. JLBC The Law of Solid Ground - Trust is the Foundation of Leadership

7. The Law of Respect - People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves

8. The Law of Intuition - Leaders Evaluate Everything with a leadership bias

9. The Law of Magnetism - Who you are is who you attract

10. The Law of Connection - Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand

11. JLBC The Law of the Inner Circle - A leader's potential is determined by those closest to him

12. The Law of Empowerment - Only Secure Leaders give powers to others

13. The Law of Reproduction - It takes a leader to raise a leader

14. The Law of Buy-In - People buy into the leader, Then the Vision

15. The Law of Victory - Leaders find a way for the team to win

16. The Law of Big Mo - Momentum is a leader's Best friend

17. The Law of Priorities - Leaders understand that activity is not necessarily an accomplishment

18. The law of Sacrifice - A leader must give up to go up

19. The Law of Timing - When to lead is as important as what to do and where to go

20. The law of Explosive Growth - To add growth, lead followers - To multiply, lead leaders

21. The Law of Legacy - A leader's lasting value is measured by succession

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