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JLBC Innovative Leadership

JLBC Innovative Leadership

Your ability to use deep introspection relies on developing a capacity for self-understanding and self-awareness. Both allow you to expand your perspective and build a greater understanding of others. These critical traits associated with leader type support a leader’s abilities to manage self, communicate effectively with others, and encourage personal learning. You can use your understanding of your leader type (understanding yourself and others) as a powerful tool in effective leadership.

Again, it is essential to remember that this particular notion of type is inherent to your very being. In other words, generally speaking, type does not change significantly throughout your life. This is an essential point: by understanding your type and that of others around you, you can begin to see situations without the bias of your perceptions. You have a clearer understanding and can thus make more informed decisions with less speculation. You learn to deeply understand the inner movements of your strengths, weaknesses, and core patterns. Typing tools help promote this kind of self-knowledge and pattern recognition.

By learning about these patterns, you can gain perspective on your life and start connecting the dots among your different experiences. Most of us have a concept about behaving, but that idea is likely clouded and only partially true. One of the hardest things for most people is to see themselves accurately. How astonishing it is to see through the clouds and recognize yourself.

—Deep Living, Roxanne Howe Murphy

Learning at this deeper level about your inner dynamics can offer remarkable insights about areas of life that, in your own experience, you may either exaggerate or underemphasize.

Self-awareness and the capacity for self-management are foundational to innovative leadership and overall leadership effectiveness. By becoming aware of your inherent gifts and those of others, you can improve your energy and the teams and departments with which you work.

Developmental Perspective

This website will discuss developmental levels, or perspectives, as a crucial element in building innovative leadership. Developmental perspectives significantly influence how you see your role and function on the website, how you interact with other people, and how you solve problems. The term developmental perspective can be described as “meaning-making,” or how you make meaning or sense of experiences. This is important because your algorithm to make sense of the world influences your thoughts and actions. Incorporating these perspectives as part of your inner exploration is critical to shaping innovative leadership.

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