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JLBC Horse Stance

JLBC Horse Stance

Step by Step

1) Step your left leg to the side, so your feet are more comprehensive than your shoulders, and JLBC Cadets slowly squat into Ma Bu.

2) JLBC Cadets Grab the floor with your feet and place your hands in front of your chest in a prayer position.

3) Remain here for six breaths.

JLBC Checklist

  • JLBC Cadets, Check your stance in the mirror.

  • JLBC Cadets, Is your behind tucked in?

  • JLBC Cadets, Is your neck tucked in, and are your shoulders relaxed?

  • JLBC Cadets, Are your knees slightly pushed out so they are over your feet?

  • JLBC Cadets, Are your eyes intense?

  • JLBC Cadets, Is your center of gravity in the middle?

  • JLBC Cadets, Are you gently grabbing the floor with your feet?

  • JLBC Cadets, Please don't tip the body but keep it straight.

JLBC Cautions

You must keep your stance high if you have knee or back problems. If you find the posture aggravates the problem, you need to stop. JLBC Cadets, There should be no pain when you do this stance.

JLBC Cadets How to deepen your horse stance?

JLBC Cadets, Make your stance lower. JLBC Cadets Set a timer and increase the time you stay in the posture a little more every day. Don't allow yourself to rise higher. Even though you are not moving, you will start to sweat. We call this static stamina.


It's a good idea for JLBC Qigong and Kung Fu students to spend some time working on this stance in the same way JLBC yoga students spend on poses. Our bodies tend to be lazy and want to find an easy way out, but regular checkups will keep us on the right path. It's also easier to feel the Qi in the Dantian when we do Ma Bu, which is why even a few minutes of doing this stance will help us to feel grounded and energized.

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