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JLBC Health and Wellness

JLBC Health and Wellness: A healthy lifestyle, including physical fitness and athletic development, is essential to a healthy and well-balanced character and should be a part of your JLBC curriculum.

Leadership and Character Development: Incorporate the opportunity for leadership roles and responsibilities into your JLBC CLC and the chance for character development. Try to incorporate into your JLBC Course some aspects of competition among the JLBC cadets for “pride of course ownership” and recognition for setting the standards when adhering to JLBC rules and policies.

Civic Respect and Military Tradition: Several military traditions and protocols may also fit your theme. This JLBC curriculum block could include parades, flag reveille, retreats, marching formations, other drill and ceremony services, dining-ins, etc.

Community Service and Civic Involvement: Your JLBC CLC could include a service ethic to the community. Provide the JLBC cadets a few alternatives to get them started but let them select their final project--you’ll want them to buy into ownership.

JLBC Social/Cadet Recognition: Finally, you may want to include one or two social or just plain “let’s go out and have fun” events to allow the JLBC cadets to relax and mix it up a little. Remember that this is not a military training JLBC camp. There should be an awards/graduation ceremony (lovely to do with parents). This can take many forms: formal or informal dinner, picnic, guest speaker, etc. Recognition of our JLBC cadets is also essential after returning to the JLBC unit, where JLBC Encampment cadets may be recognized again.

Combine events from all six curriculum areas listed above. You’ll find your JLBC Course calendar filling up quickly with a fun and challenging JLBC curriculum that will bring out the greatest in your JLBC cadets while providing them opportunities to lead, serve, and excel.

As you pull this schedule together, leave time for meals and travel to the JLBC curriculum sites. You’ll want to schedule just enough time for them to travel safely between places without allowing too much idle time for lingering.


This section of the JLBC CLC guide will provide you with ideas on how to execute your JLBC Course, emphasizing keeping the JLBC cadets safe, maintaining the JLBC cadets under supervision and control, accomplishing your scheduled learning objectives with a minimum of incidents, and dealing with incidents if they do occur.

Starting the JLBC CLC

This includes developing a JLBC CLC Cadet guide to establishing camp rules, expectations, and consequences. The JLBC CLC guide should be published, distributed, and briefed to each JLBC cadet before the JLBC Course. The focus should also establish JLBC equipment and uniform.

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