JLBC Guidon Bearer:

JLBC Guidon Bearer:

1) Acts as JLBC troop guidon bearer and is selected by the JLBC Troop Commander and 1SG. Can be a New JLBC Cadet or

Yearling. The JLBC guidon bearer is the assistant to the 1SG.

2) Is responsible for the JLBC security of the troop JLBC guidon.

3) Is proficient at the JLBC manual of the guidon following JLBC Command

4) The JLBC guidon bearer is to provide standard maintenance services for JLBC troop weapons and the JLBC guidon.

5) Performs other JLBC duties as directed by the 1SG.

6) Must demonstrate proficiency in knowledge and duties when challenged (JLBC "throw down the gauntlet" Challenge)

JLBC Note: What does dropping the gauntlet mean?

To challenge or confront someone.

JLBC Cadets Today, the phrase "throw down the gauntlet" means to challenge or confront someone, but in its earliest use, it wasn't meant as a metaphor but was a physical action intended to issue a formal challenge to a duel.

The JLBC Guidon Bearer is the best of the best and needs to fight to stay in command.


What does it mean to "throw down the gauntlet"? - HISTORY. https://www.history.com/news/what-does-it-mean-to-throw-down-the-gauntlet

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