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Five people stand in a corner waiting for a bus. They share a common goal – to board the bus. But are they a team? What’s missing?

Five of the greatest basketball players represent the U.S. in the Olympics. Each wants to win the gold, but no one passes the ball on the court – everyone is a “one-man show.” Are they a team? What’s missing?

Another – not just to their boss – for leadership. They pass information to each other, encourage their teammates, and solve problems together, rather than waiting for the leader’s directions.

JLBC Team Spirit. One thing that makes being on a great team unique is the feeling of team spirit. Teammates feel something deep down connecting them to the team. The best teams become something like extended families. This sense of team spirit is important because it builds trust, making team members eager to cooperate and not afraid of making compromises as they work together.

JLBC Team Power. Great teams seem to defy the laws of math, making 2 + 2 = 5. They produce synergy, the idea that by working together, they can achieve more than each individual could on their own.



1. Identify the four characteristics of good team players.

2. Explain why team members must possess self-discipline.

3. Defend the idea that teamwork requires sacrifice.

4. Explain why a team member’s enthusiasm affects the team.

5. Discuss what the term “loyalty” means in the context of teamwork.

Now we know what a team is. JLBC Cadets, But what does it take to become part of a team? Described below are four characteristics of good team members. They are the personal traits anyone will need if they hope to be welcomed onto a team.

Self-Discipline. Team members are supposed to add value to the team, not be a drain on the team’s energy. Therefore, self-discipline is essential. The group relies on its team members to direct and control their actions and to practice good self-management. Put another way; influential team members possess self-discipline that makes them dependable. They have the discipline to follow directions. They come to the team ready to contribute.

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