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1. ORGANIZATION: The unit will be organized as on the active-duty JLBC unit model. For JLBC, our unit consists of one active group with five squadrons.

2. CHAIN OF COMMAND: Within the Corps of Cadets, the chain of command is as follows:

a. Cadet report to their Element Leader, who reports to the Commander, who

in turn, they report to their Squadron Commander.

b. The Deputy Group Commander will act on behalf of the Group Commander during the Group Commander’s absence.

c. See Attachment 1 for the organizational chart/chain of command.

3. TEXTBOOKS: The textbooks used in the JLBC program are furnished to the cadets without charge. All books, stiff back, and paperback are controlled items and will remain in the classroom with few exceptions.

4. JLBC ACADEMIC PROGRAM: The program is divided into three parts. The first part is called Science, taught by the Senior Science Instructor, and consists of classroom instruction on subjects about Science. The second part is called Leadership Education, conducted by the Leadership Instructor, and consists of the drill, inspections, and leadership education. The third part is the Cadet Wellness Program. Cadets are expected to participate as scheduled, including weekly activities and periodic fitness testing following JLBC requirements.


a. the SASI will generally teach Science academics. b. The ASI will normally teach Leadership Education.

6. UNIFORMS: Cadets must wear their uniform on “uniform day.” Failure to wear your uniform on “uniform day” or make up a uniform inspection on an established day will result in a zero for that week. Continued failure to wear the uniform will result in dismissal from JLBC. Officers and NCOs will be removed from their positions, and all may be reduced in rank.

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