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JLBC Introduction

This is a post that I typed up for my trainers in my facility.

I'm sure you get many clients with lower back problems. I know in my facility; that this is almost a daily occurrence on the Warrior boot camp floor.

JLBC Cadets To avoid hurting the JLBC clients' backs even more, we decided to take out all of the JLBC core exercises that involved a crunch style of motion.

JLBC Cadets As you probably are aware, crunch-like motions put a relatively large amount of stress on the lower vertebrae of the spine. JLBC Cadets This isn't some crazy theory of mine; this is something that we can actually prove with MODERN science.

JLBC Cadets Regardless of if you choose to believe this or not, I still recommend doing these exercises with your clients to shake up your core training exercises.

Below is the exact list of exercises we use with members in our Warrior boot camp. ( ) this is the list we are using currently to train our staff with, although we will probably have added more to the list ;)

  1. The Standing Roll-up

  2. The Floor Roll-up

  3. Roll Like a Ball

  4. Hundreds

  5. Bridge Roll-Ups

  6. Superman

  7. Swimming

  8. Dead Bug

  9. Swan

  10. Single-Leg Split

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