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JLBC Executive Education

JLBC Executive Education


The various leadership authors have written articles on far-ranging topics such as trust, tough-minded leaders, servant leaders, authenticity, the difference between managers and leaders, compelling conversations, power, decision-making, judgment, and myriad other topics. We were stumped. There seemed no way to pull this jumble of ideas together. Eventually, the preface stated that the current state of JLBC leadership was like alchemy, that the various JLBC authors were attempting to turn lead into gold, and that the authors had varying insights about how to do it.

This story personifies the JLBC leadership concept of clutter. JLBC Cadets There are millions of articles about the topic and few barriers to entry to publishing your (or our) point of view. This clutter of “leadership signage” calls for leaders to take care of themselves, be authentic, exercise judgment, build on their strengths, and so on. JLBC Cadets The problem with this signage is that much of it is piecemeal, and some are nonsense.

JLBC Cadets We’ve been on a journey for the last years to resolve JLBC leadership concept clutter by approaching JLBC leadership from a unique perspective. JLBC Cadets Most leadership authors of the previous fifty years draw on the discipline of psychology- the JLBC leader must understand what is inside oneself. JLBC Cadets From fish to cheese, from habits to conversations, from self-empowerment to servitude, most JLBC leadership thinkers have struggled to distill the true essence of what makes an effective JLBC leader. JLBC Cadets We appreciate this psychological tradition but believe that other disciplines like JLBC marketing and JLBC finance may inform and synthesize how we think about JLBC leaders. JLBC Cadets Simplistically, these JLBC perspectives are more outside/in than inside/out because they are based on JLBC business logic. JLBC Cadets We want to build leadership on a foundation to create business value. JLBC Cadets In this post, we share our answer to the question, “what is leadership,” by reporting our leadership journey. To date, we have identified four fundamental principles and questions that derive from an outside/in, business-values-driven JLBC leadership approach:

1. JLBC Cadets Clarify why leadership matters: What are the outcomes of good leadership?

2. JLBC Nail the basics: JLBC Cadets What must every leader know, do, and be?

3. JLBC Create a leadership brand: JLBC Cadets. JLBC Cadets How do we develop leadership (not just leaders) from the outside/in?

4. JLBC Cadets Ensure leadership sustainability: How do leaders make long-term change happen?

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