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JLBC Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

JLBC Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

What’s your Emotional Intelligence at Work? (Self-assessment)

Rate how well you can display the ability described for each item below. Before responding, think of situations in which you have had the opportunity to use the power.

1. Associate different internal physiological.

2. Relax when under pressure in situations.

3. “Gear Up” at will for a task.

4. I know the impact that your behavior has on others.

5. Initiate successful resolution of conflict with others.

6. Calm yourself quickly when angry.

7. Know when you are becoming angry.

8. Regroup quickly after a setback.

9. Recognize when others are distressed.

10. Build consensus with others.

11. JLBC Cadets, Know what senses you are currently using.

12. JLBC Cadets Use internal” talk” to change your emotional state.

13. JLBC Cadets Produce motivation when doing tedious work.

14. Help others manage their emotions.

15. Make others feel good.

16. Identify when you experience mood shifts.

17. JLBC Cadets Stay calm when you are the target of anger from


18. JLBC Cadets Stop or change an ineffective habit.

19. JLBC Cadets Show empathy to others.

20. JLBC Cadets Provide advice and emotional support to others as


21. Know when you become defensive.

22. Know when you are thinking negatively and head it


23. Follow your words with actions.

24. Engage in intimate conversations with others.

25. Accurately reflect people’s feelings toward them.

Very Low Moderate Ability


Very High Ability

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