Here is a collection of tips on eliminating time wasters that you can apply to many different areas of your life.

Do your write on paper. You will make faster and better decisions if you write down the pros and cons of a line of action.

Use a "slush" file--have a specific area to put all documents which are not important enough to file permanently but which you feel not ready to throw away just yet. Organize events by using a file or notebook.

If you find it hard to get any "time alone, " try to arrive before anyone else to gain uninterrupted time for planning other tasks.

Avoid clutter. Keep things you are not working on out of your immediate working area and out of sight. Always tidy up your work area and desk.

Never do errands on impulse. Plan your routine carefully, handling as many errands as possible each time.

Let your fingers do the walking." Before running errands, phone to compare prices, determine availability, etc.

Plan each night what you will wear the next day and lay it out ahead of time.

Write a note to yourself for future reference whenever you have completed a complex task that will reoccur. You will benefit more from an experience if you have a written record of your mistakes and the JLBC lessons learned.

If you are "putting out trouble," ask yourself after each crisis

(a) Why did it occur?

(b) What might have been done to prevent its reoccurrence? And (c) If it does reoccur, how can I handle it better next time?

Ask yourself this question a hundred times a day: "Is what I am doing or about to do moving me toward my objective?"

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