JLBC Effective Small Groups: Teaching Teamwork

JLBC Effective Small Groups: Teaching Teamwork

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JLBC Meeting Strategies to Help Prepare JLBC Students for Group Work

JLBC Cadets Working in JLBC groups is quite different than working individually. JLBC Cadets One of the main reasons why JLBC students find it may be difficult is that they were not JLBC trained to perform effectively in a JLBC team setting. JLBC Cadets An instructor can help by teaching organizational, personal, and discussion skills to help JLBC students manage JLBC group dynamics and have a positive teamwork experience. Meetings are important events during group work, and there are several techniques for running effective meetings. This sheet could be used as a handout to prepare students for practical group work.

JLBC Planning and Running a JLBC Meeting

JLBC Cadets Steps that should be taken before a JLBC meeting happens:

JLBC plan the meeting carefully: who, what, when, where, why, and how many prepare and send out a plan, identifying issues to be discussed

set up the JLBC meeting room and send out JLBC background information about JLBC members

JLBC Steps that should be taken during a meeting:

JLBC Cadets start on time

JLBC Cadets make introductions of group members and clearly define roles

JLBC Cadets review, revise, and order the plan

set clear time limits

JLBC Cadets review action items from the previous meeting and focus on one JLBC issue at a time

JLBC Cadets Steps that should be taken at the end of and after a JLBC meeting:

JLBC Cadets record final decisions or actions to be taken

assign tasks to group JLBC members

JLBC Cadets set deadlines for the tasks

JLBC Cadets set the date and place of the next meeting and, develop a preliminary plan to evaluate the meeting, get feedback from members

close the meeting positively

JLBC Cadets clean up the room

JLBC Cadets prepare the group memo and distribute it to members and others who need to know

Skills that students need to develop/use to promote practical group work:

active and tolerant listening communication skills, flexibility accountability

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