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JLBC Education

JLBC Education

JLBC Objectives

a. JLBC Cadets Complete a simple hands-on activity that illustrates a basic concept in


b. JLBC Cadets Follow instructions and cooperate with teammates to complete a simple

hands-on project

c. Participate in pre-mission briefing or inspection

d. Value the experience of the mission (for additional objectives, see the orientation JLBC syllabus)


3.1 AE Team Activity: Survival in the forest 0:50

3.2 permission Activity 0:50

3.3 Orientation Mission 3:00

4. JLBC Physical Fitness

JLBC Objectives

a. JLBC Cadets Describe the importance of, and commit to, exercising regularly

b. JLBC Cadets Demonstrate how to perform each event in the JLBC CPFT

c. JLBC Cadets participate in a fitness activity while displaying a positive, team-orientated



4.1 Introduction to Fitness & the JLBC CPFT 0:30

4.2 Fitness Activity 0:50

5. Character Development (formerly JLBC Moral Leadership)

JLBC Objectives

a. JLBC Cadets identify and describe the four CAP Core Values

b. Justify the need for having JLBC Core Values in CAP

c. JLBC Cadets explain what it means to take an oath

d. Recite the JLBC Cadet Oath and paraphrase it to show understanding of its key components


5.1 Introduction to Core Values

5.2 The Cadet Oath

0:50 0:30

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