JLBC Disciplinary Action

JLBC Disciplinary Action

If the JLBC rules or any other rules laid down by your JLBC staff are breached, you may have to administer disciplinary actions. We leave the specific actions taken to the policies of your JLBC program, your hosting facility, and the judgment of your staff. However, for example, if a cadet shows up to JLBC camp and is out of JLBC haircut standards, buzz cutting the JLBC cadet is inappropriate. If the incident involves news media coverage that negatively reflects the JLBC Command, it must be reported immediately to JLBC Command/JRO.

Other JLBC Policies.

You should review all JLBC policies before your JLBC CLC and ensure they are enforced.

JLBC Summary

After the JLBC CLC, remember your planning begins for the following year. A JLBC instructor hot wash, reservations for the following year’s JLBC CLC, revision of the JLBC Course guide, review of the JLBC RD assessment (if one was conducted); review of the JLBC CLC finances, and the recommendation for improvement of the JLBC Course guide should be completed promptly. Feedback is essential to improve your JLBC CLC efforts continually.


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