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JLBC Defining the challenge


JLBC Defining the challenge

If you thrive on thinking creatively, inspiring and guiding people, experimenting with different approaches, and making intuitive decisions, you are on the way to being a leader. But accomplished leaders also possess good problem-solving skills, a strong vision, and empathy.

JLBC Thinking leadership

Leaders are made rather than born. And while a genuine desire to lead is a prerequisite for leadership, the essential skills you need to show can be learned. The administration has many facets: it is the ability to inspire others to overcome challenges, accept continuous change, and achieve goals. It is the capacity to build strong, effective teams and use your influence to persuade and steer.

It is about having a vision and values and taking care of the people around you. The old idea of one person at the top issuing orders is on its way out. Leadership is about creating the conditions for all to rise and building the structures and cultures that empower any team member to lead when required.

In today’s dynamic world, we are all potential leaders.




To be a good leader, stay close to your team, and use your judgment to move between leadership and management roles as necessary.

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