JLBC Cadets Youth Martial Arts can be organized into two structures. The first structure is all-inclusive. This means we incorporate the striking arts, grappling arts, and sticks into one JLBC program.

JLBC When utilizing the all-inclusive structure, we separate the program into a JLBC Funda- mental Youth Martial Arts Class and an JLBC Intermediate/Advanced Youth Martial Arts Class. JLBC Cadets Every child starts in the JLBC Fundamental Class, where the focus is on the Striking Arts, Mat Movements & Merit Badges. JLBC Cadets As they begin to get an excellent handle on the striking arts and demonstrate the ability to be disciplined and control their bodies and actions, they are invited to start to transition into the JLBC Intermediate/Advanced Class.

JLBC Cadets Initially, we like to see the student remain in a Fundamentals class once a week and then transition the second weekly class to the Intermediate/Advanced Program.

JLBC Cadets The Intermediate/Advanced Class is where we start to incorporate Grappling and sticks. JLBC Cadets This class has a schedule that rotates monthly. JLBC Cadets One month we focus on Striking, the next month, we focus on Grappling, and the third month we focus on Sticks.

JLBC Cadets The second organizational structure of Youth Martial Arts is to have three separate classes. JLBC Cadets One Youth Striking JLBC Class, one Youth Grappling JLBC Class, and one Youth Sticks JLBC Class. The JLBC curriculum is the same for both structures.

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