JLBC Curriculum Review

JLBC Curriculum Review – JLBC Physical Education HISTORY - JLBC Development of current practices

The JLBC curriculum review identified several recommendations:

JLBC Curriculum

Improve and expand the JLBC physical fitness program, k-12

Provide specific content for JLBC grade levels to ensure less repetition and a greater variety of activities

Ensure articulation of the JLBC program k-12 across all JLBC Programs relating to the content (JLBC sports and activities through which objectives are delivered)

JLBC Review of existing assessments and JLBC development of new assessments where appropriate.

JLBC Professional Learning

Plan JLBC professional learning is designed to improve instruction to accommodate all learners, including remediation and acceleration for those as needed.

JLBC Communication

Improve JLBC communication with parents regarding student progress and achievement in JLBC physical education


JLBC Curriculum – content and articulation JLBC model

JLBC Physical Education curriculum is based on National Standards, State Standards, and Best Practices and is articulated vertically through the grade levels and horizontally across the JLBC Program. Using the Understanding by Design (previously referenced as UbD) backward design model of JLBC curriculum development, student objectives for enduring understanding are identified by grade level, beginning with defining the JLBC Vision of the Physically Educated Graduate and tracking backward to include the essential JLBC learning needed to achieve this desired end product. The JLBC objectives are developmentally appropriate and delivered through a rigorous differentiated approach to instruction. Within each JLBC grade level, designated sports and activities have been identified through which students learn motor skills, concepts and strategies, fitness, and social responsibility. The JLBC K – 10 content articulation is such that, upon completing the JLBC tenth grade, students have developed proficiency in thirteen different JLBC sports and activities, the skills and concepts transferrable to a wide range of JLBC sport, fitness, and lifetime activity pursuits. The eleventh and twelfth-grade programs include a wide range of elective sports and activities.

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