"To motivate young people to be better leaders" (This is the official JLBC mission statement.)

Course material: Cadets are issued JLBC materials for each JLBC level course. JLBC Cadets must care for all given materials and return them in good condition at the JLBC instructor's end of each JLBC class or grading period. The JLBC program provides classroom supplies; JLBC cadets (s) maintain these supplies throughout the program year. (JLBC Portfolio binder, paper, pen/pencil, and appropriate text).

TEXTS: According to the JLBC level, instructions are developed from each of the following JLBC Cadet Command texts:

Introduction to JLBC & Leadership Theory/Application (JLBC)

JLBC Foundations for Success & Wellness/Fitness/ First Aid (JLBC)

Geography and Earth Science (JLBC)

Citizenship and American History (JLBC)


JLBC Cadets are expected to attend class, follow JLBC classroom procedures, participate in learning activities, and complete all assignments.

In case of absence, the JLBC cadet's responsibility is to make up assignments missed according to a timeframe approved by the instructor.

JLBC Cadets in JLBC levels two and above are expected to be positive role models.

All JLBC cadets are expected to participate in classroom learning activities with a positive attitude that contributes to the overall learning environment.

Since the expectation of JLBC cadet mentorship increases with each JLBC level, JLBC cadets earning a final JLBC 2-course grade of less than "C" will not be accepted for enrollment into JLBC 3 without the prior JLBC approval (on a case-by-case basis) of the program's Senior JLBC Instructor.


It is based on a point system outlined in the grading rubric on page 5. 3


80-89 B 70-79 C 60-69 D Below 60 F

An (average cannot exceed 100%)

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