JLBC: Continue to Monitor Team Processes

JLBC: Continue to Monitor Team Processes, Especially for Signs of Regression

Each time a member leaves, new tasks are added, external conditions change, other factors shift significantly, and team dynamics are affected. In each of these circumstances, the team will experience disruptions, and adjustments will be required to regain former levels of cohesion and productivity. Awareness and discussion of this fact in the group live leaders and members are essential. Leaders and members can help maintain team effectiveness by periodically assessing the team and identifying issues that need to be addressed. In this way, a team can continually monitor its functioning and make necessary adjustments.

No team or individual sustains high productivity levels for long periods. People and groups require rest, relaxation, flight, "grumpiness," and fun. Unrealistic expectations of our human capacities may be one of the biggest threats to individual and team effectiveness.

Conduct Organizational Support Review Regularly

The importance of organizational support to team success. I recommended that relevant external individuals and groups meet with the team regularly to assess the adequacy of that administrative support and plan ways to increase the level of support, if necessary. I want to encourage leaders to ensure that these reviews happen regularly throughout the group's life. The frequency of inspections will vary from group to group, depending on the time frame allotted to the group to accomplish its work. For example, if a product development group has 18 months to achieve its goal, I would suggest a review at the beginning, one about three months later, and then reviews at longer intervals. Do what makes sense for your group.

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